Our Process

Functional Medicine Process

Functional medicine appointments are offered via videoconferencing or telephone for convenience. After setting up your initial appointment, you’ll fill out intake forms to collect your health history.

The initial appointment last from 60 to 90 minutes and will focus on your goals. Your foundational systems will be assessed, including your HPA axis (adrenal-brain function), gastrointestinal system, and mitochondrial/cellular metabolism. Dr. Daniel may also start making lifestyle recommendations and may prescribe supplements that don’t require lab results. At the end of the initial appointment, Daniel will order 1-4 labs, which will be shipped to your home.

Once the lab results come in a follow-up visit will be scheduled to discuss areas of improvement and the path forward for optimzation of athletic performance.



The labs are a combination of saliva, urine, and stool samples. They are easily administered at home and can then be dropped off at a UPS or FedEx facility.



Follow up appointments may be required throughout the program for check-ins to adjust supplement protocols and lifestyle modifications to ensure you have the guidance you need to achieve your goals. These appointments are generally shorter unless a lab result needs to be discussed.



A supplement program will be designed for your specific health needs based on functional lab results. Dr. Daniel uses his expertise in functional lab interpretation to create nutrition and supplement programs to balance the hormonal, gastrointestinal, and mitochondrial/cellular metabolism imbalances revealed by the labs.



Our eventual goal is to improve your athletic performance. To do this we’ll coordinate your foundational body systems and get them “humming.” This is a process that takes 6 – 12 months, although you should see improvement before that time.  Adherence to the programs will shorten the time to improved performance.