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Chinese herbal medicine has some unique features in the herbal medicine world.

First, herbs are prescribed in formulas containing multiple herbs. This is done because herbs will modify the effects of each other when taken together. In some cases, the herbs have a synergistic and potentiating effect. In other cases, they diminish the undesirable side effects of single herbs.

Second, the herbal formulas are highly customized to the individual. Chinese herbal medicines are applied after determining a Chinese medicine diagnosis. Unlike Western medicine, Chinese medicine doesn’t diagnose disease, but rather patterns of function. These patterns are highly specific to the individual and change from day to day. Thus, by modifying a formula, removing or adding an herb, CHM ensures that it is supporting the body and mind based on its present-time individual needs.

Dr. Daniel Metzger specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of health conditions through the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. To discuss the benefits of herbal medicine and how it can positively affect your health, contact Dr. Daniel Metzger to discuss your symptoms and the treatment plan best for you. Dr. Metzger offers Chinese Herbal Medicine for patients in the San Francisco area, including Mission District, Noe Valley, SoMa, North Beach, and Pacific Heights.

How is Chinese Herbal Medicine Used?

Application of CHM requires diagnosis through a complete health history. The objective forms of diagnosis include pulse and tongue diagnosis. I’ll be filling out a separate questionnaire on those forms of diagnosis.

How Do I Know If Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Right For Me?

The most straightforward way to describe this is that in Chinese medicine we are looking to tonify deficiencies and remove excesses.

Deficiencies are primarily of the 4 main substances: yin, yang, qi, and blood.

Excesses come in the form of cold, heat, dampness, wind, dryness, and blood stagnation.

Next, we consider where the dysfunction is located. A person can have multiple patterns such as a global yin deficiency with cold and damp in the Spleen and heat in the Heart (These organs are capitalized in Chinese medicine since they are organ systems and should be differentiated from the organ itself.) Thus, the herbal formula will need to address every relevant pattern diagnosed.

What Are My Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Options?

Herbs can be given through capsules and teapills or in powder form. The capsules and teapills are convenient to take and are free of any undesirable tastes. The powders can be customized easier, but they sometimes have undesirable tastes and are less convenient as they must be dissolved in water.

Why Choose Dr. Daniel Metzger

I have been prescribing CHM formulas for 8 years and I stand out from other Chinese herbalists due to my experience with incorporating lab work in the herbal medicine process. Other Chinese herbalists focus mainly on the forms of Chinese medicine diagnosis I wrote about earlier. As a functional medicine practitioner, I am able to use the power of modern labs to verify and track progress. Conversely, other functional medicine practitioners do not have the experience to prescribe Chinese herbal formulas unless they have specific education in this area.

What Should I Expect From My Treatment?

The initial intake will give enough information for the first round of CHM. However, since the body is always adjusting, the herbal medicine must be updated with an updated diagnosis. I recommend scheduling an appointment after 2-4 weeks to update the formula. Formulas may be purchased at our clinics. Or if the formula is not in stock or needs further customization, it will be mailed to the patient.

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