Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis in San Francisco

The information gathered from reading the tongue and the pulse are the objective signs used to inform treatment with acupuncture or herbs. They help inform the practitioner of the Chinese medicine diagnosis. The tongue gives information that spans the last several days. The pulse gives a more immediate impression of recent dysfunction. During an acupuncture treatment, I check for changes in the pulse as I’m needling.

Both methods identify the location of the dysfunction and its nature.

Dr. Daniel Metzger offers tongue and pulse diagnosis to determine dysfunction in your health. If you notice a change in your health and would like to determine the underlying cause, contact Dr. Daniel Metzger to discuss your symptoms and the treatment options available. If you are located in the San Francisco area, including Mission District, Noe Valley, SoMa, North Beach, and Pacific Heights, please schedule your free 15-minute consultation online.

How is a Tongue Diagnosis Taken?

The patient opens the mouth so that I can read the tongue. I also ask them to lift the tongue so I can see underneath. If this is a telehealth appointment, I ask them to send me a photo of the tongue with good lighting.

Photos of tongue may be requested if you have tongue diagnosis telemedicine appointment.

Signs To Look For in The Tongue

With the tongue I look at the tongue body shape and color. I look at the tongue coat thickness and color. There are other signs I read as well including cracks and degree of moisture. The locations of all these signs are relevant to the diagnosis.

How is a Pulse Diagnosis Taken?

I place three fingers on the radial pulse bilaterally. Taking the pulse can take several minutes. At my clinics the patients are laying supine on a treatment table during this process.

Signs To Look for in the Pulse

The radial pulse is different at different locations and different depths. I look at the characteristics of the pulse at several levels and locations. The rate is important. As well as numerous other qualities too difficult to explain here.

How Are Disorders of the Tongue and Pulse Treated?

Treatment for tongue and pulse disorders are done through the use of herbs and acupuncture. These methods inform the treatment.

Herbs can be taken every day and provide consistent care.

Acupuncture more powerfully directs blood flow at the acupuncturist’s direction.

Why Meet with Dr. Daniel Metzger

Dr. Metzger has over 9 years of experience with the diagnosis and treatment of tongue and pulse disorders with the use of herbs and acupuncture. 

If you begin to notice unusual changes in your tongue and pulse or are experiencing symptoms, contact Dr. Daniel Metzger to discuss your condition and the treatment options available. To further discuss acupuncture and herbal treatment available, please call (415) 295-5374 or schedule your free 15-minute consultation online.